Wednesday, January 4, 2012

#1-12 Bored with my own blog

I failed the 2011 Global Reading Challenge where you read 1-3 books from each continent, found that I was more interested in Europe and the UK, couldn't find books I liked from Alaska that I wanted to critique and so I stopped.

As I read other reader/bloggers, I was impressed by their critiques and analysis, much better than mine.  The whole list thing felt like an assignment.  So, what do I like-- the writing itself--the turn of phrase, choosing just the right word, the one sentence or two that remains with you long after you have closed the book.  What I enjoy is the creative part, how one word can change everything, as Mark Twain said. 

So instead of writing opinions, and critiques, I will delve into creative writing, suggested by others first lines, or other lines.  Push ups for writing, a favorite activity I have done in the past.  Intriguing first lines are found everywhere--books, newspapers, comments overheard. 

So, to begin, something I wrote a while ago.

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