Saturday, September 29, 2012

H&M, Light Rail and a Glorious Fall Day

Living in the suburbs of Denver, I am totally dependent on a car as a means of transportation.  But the lure of going, "downtown" and shopping at H&M, a trendy Swedish store, made me consider using Denver's light rail.

In the frivolous part of my heart, is a "girly-girl."  Love clothes, reading fashion magazines, lamenting the fact that I cannot wear many styles or high heels anymore, I still like dressing up, just like I did when I was a little girl trying on grown up clothes and longing to grow up and enter the mysterious world of womanhood.  Little did I know what it really meant.

I had read about H&M.  It's a kind of IKEA but for clothes.  H&M began in 1947 in Sweden as a woman's clothing store and now has shops all over the world.  The clothes are trendy, some classic, and inexpensive.  The philosophy behind the store considers the environment, working conditions of the factory workers who  make the clothes, uses organic cotton,  team approach to management, very IKEA.  The H&M website outlines its history.

I shared my idea of going downtown via light rail and visiting H&M with a girlfriend; we set a date and were off on our downtown adventure.

We have a station a short drive away.  Parking is easy in a four level garage.  We bought our tickets and were off.  What a pleasure it was not to have to drive as we whizzed over the rails, chatted and watched Denver neighborhoods pass by.

Thank you H&M.  It was fun!
We ended up at Denver's Union Station, took the free shuttle to the heart of downtown and stepped off the shuttle in front of H&M.  What could be better?  But first, lunch at the Hard Rock Cafe nearby.  We ate outside, right on 16th street, the main downtown street.  People watching was perfect.  Living in the suburbs, the big city idea is forgotten.  I guess I miss it, remembering New York City, where I spent the first seven years of my life.  Blue skies, a bit cool, looking down the street, remembering Denver  as it was, added to the perfect day. Then, fortified with yummy hamburgers, we crossed  the street and entered the world of H&M.

Men have no idea about the pleasure of shopping.  They usually know what they want, buy it and get out.  We love to look and touch, especially touch and sometimes take hours to wander around and enter the world of  "how would that look on me?"

Time passed quickly as we shopped.  Then, happy with our purchases, we left H&M, retraced our steps to the light rail and then home.  The end of a perfect day with a good friend.

Post Script:  Sometimes, to get away from politics, personal problems, and serious issues, I think it helps to have a frivolous (not serious) day.


  1. Sometimes just getting out and about is good medicine. Sounds like you had fun. We have H&M here, too. We don't have parking garages at the skytrain though. I like that idea.

    Thanks for stopping by and reading about the spirit bears!

  2. So true. There are so many unexplored places in every city. You have given me an idea, DG, to visit museums, restaurants, and little-known corners of Denver and here in Castle Rock, Colorado, and write about those visits.

  3. do you know that i have a h&m pretty new me and have never been! you have made me realize, i must remedy this soon--glad you had fun :)

  4. I love H&M! Pretty good clothes store!

  5. I love love love the silver sweater Natalie!

  6. Sounds like a perfect day, and I love the beautiful things you came home with :)

  7. Get away days are a requirement. Shopping, teatime and good friends are a great combination. :)

  8. Thanks Martha and Kate. We all need these "easy" days, I think.