Thursday, December 13, 2012

Celebrate the Introvert!

"A shy man no doubt dreads the notice of strangers, but can hardly be said to be afraid of them.  He may be as bold as a hero in battle, and yet have no self-confidence in the presence of strangers."
                                                                    -- Charles Darwin

There is so much to the book, Quiet by Susan Cain, that to summarize key points is difficult.  She discusses everything from genetic differences, how different cultures have an "extrovert ideal,"  when to act more extroverted than you are, "how to encourage quiet kids in a world that cannot hear them," to the difficulty in getting an MBA at Harvard if you are an introvert.  The last section:  "How to Love, How to Work," is worth the price of the book.

Ms Cain's end-notes are long and extensive for those wanting to read more about this topic, (a trait of introversion, by the way).  Introverts, no matter what degree, will celebrate their uniqueness after reading this book.

So now when my sensitive personality reacts by flinching at unexpected loud sounds, cannot read books or see movies that are too violent, worries about Africa, is moved to tears by music or art, and gets my feelings hurt much too often (this trait I do not like), I understand why.

My guess is that out in the blogosphere, there are more I's than E's. . .are there?  The blog community is perfect for I's.

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