Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Sleep, sleep, blissful sleep or not. . . ?

We are such stuff
As dreams are made on, and our little life 
Is rounded with a sleep.

The Tempest (4.1.168-170) 

Ah yes, something we all do every night, easier for some, difficult for others, sleep -- perchance to dream, we hope.

In my younger days, I loved to sleep, it came easily, I fell asleep in a few minutes.  Not so any more.  Two versions for me --  cannot get to sleep which sometimes seems like hours, or I wake up four or so hours later and cannot get back to sleep.  I sleep fairly well probably one day out of four.  Have tried taking all those over the counter things which left me hung over and light-headed the next morning.  Then the usual remedies, hot milk, get up ans read for a while, etc. etc.  Sometimes they help, sometimes they don't.  Now, I have an overwhelming desire to lie down in the afternoon and nap.  Hate doing this, as then it is probably harder to sleep at night.  This has been going on for a long, long time and affects my energy level which is minuscule and bothers me greatly as I have so many things and projects I want to do but. . . .

But a good nights sleep is very important to your health, I read, so off to the sleep lab at our local health provider, and in order to find out why.  I was given a little gadget to attach to the index finger of my left hand, which is wired to a small computer which records heart rate and oxygen level for one night.  It was tricky to fall asleep, hoping the wire did not fall off, but I did it and I returned everything the next morning.  Have not heard back as yet.

This gave me an idea for a topic for this blog.  How many of you have trouble sleeping and what do you do about it?  This precludes all those moms and dads with babies -- that is a separate issue which, in time, resolves itself.

This is what Hemingway said about sleep:  "I love sleep.  My life has a tendency to fall apart when I'm awake you know."

Do creative people have a harder time sleeping -- too many ideas spinning around in their heads?   Or do they (you) get your best ideas at night which interferes with sleep?

The latest idea I was given was to wear sun glasses two hours or so before bed which cuts down light and technically turns on the melatonin.  I have been doing this, not sure if it helps, but it does add a bit of panache to the pajamas I wear.  Meanwhile --- would love your ideas.  


  1. I have been blogging about CPAP machines on and off for the last month. I went to a sleep lab and was covered in wires, not just on the finger. In my case they decided I had hypopnea. I now have a CPAP machine and wear a breathing mask to bed each night. I sleep like a baby. If they only attached something to your finger, sounds like you need a lab which does more comprehensive testing.

    1. Hi Jo: I just heard from the sleep lab and they think I have sleep apnea/hypopnea. Step 1: use straight oxygen for a month at night, then test, then do a sleep study in a lab. I have to tell you -- I am surprised. I was sure I was OK, felt as if I was complaining about nothing -- "I am tired, tired," when others have something really wrong. Thanks for your comments. I am glad you are OK now. A good sleep/rest is really important.

  2. it is a rare thing that i cannot sleep--but when it does happen--i get on the computer and play games or do search a word puzzle books----i love your heminway quotes!

  3. Hi Tasha .. I'm afraid I sleep like a log, bumble out and sleep again .. but I've taken to turning on the radio in the middle of the night - interesting topics to add to my already overloaded blogging brain ... perhaps some music (classical) ..

    Good luck with the sleep lab/advice you're getting - I am just so pleased I don't suffer ..

    Hope you can get relief soon .. cheers Hilary