Sunday, September 22, 2013

A World of Super Heroes, Princesses, Knights and Fairies

This blog introduces my sister's new business venture.  As you know I don't generally advertise ads on my blog but am happy to promote books I have read and enjoyed from the authors on this blog site.  But in the case of my sister. . .

My sister has my mother's creative genes.  She sews beautifully, and can plan children's parties that are magical.  For two years she had a brick and mortar children's art studio and birthday party store in the San Bruno, California area, and decided to continue her line of party favors and craft ideas for children on-line.

Her web site introduces her first line of party costumes and crafts for children's parties.  This way, moms who would like to plan a birthday party for their little girls or boys can order party favors like tutus, crowns and magic wands for their daughters and their guests.  The tutus are already made but the guests are given sequins, glue to decorate their tutus.  The kits come with all the craft items that are needed.

The super hero line has the special cape and mask; the knights have felt "armor;" the fairies have exquisite wings that are already made waiting to have those birthday quests add just the right sparkle.  And all these items can be played with after the party.  Many little girls love to wear their tutus everywhere.  These items are handmade by my sister and are of much higher quality than others you may have seen on other web-sites.

But the best way to imagine all this is to visit her web-site.  Ordering is easy and shipping in the United States is free. 

I am very proud of my sister and am happy to promote her new venture.  Just wish my mother could be here to see it all.

I have added a photo from one of my sister's parties.  The little girls faces are sunflowers to protect their identities.


  1. Wishing your sister all the best with her venture. This is awesome:)

  2. Munir: You are so kind to comment on my sister's new business. We have our mother to thank for many of our ideas. She was ahead of her time and planned special birthday parties for us with flower costumes made out of crepe paper, puppet shows, everything. We had very little money but she made us feel special.

  3. Good luck to her, that is a very creative idea!

  4. Thanks, Ghadeer. I think that I will follow up this post with a post about our mother who did try so hard to make our birthdays magical. Birthdays are a celebration of your life and this is one way to make children feel special.

  5. oh i love this so much!!! right up my alley---i love party planning and especially kids stuff--what a proud sister you must be :)

  6. I don't have grand daughters, but I love seeing the little girls wear their tutus to the grocery store while shopping with mom, loving the dress up idea, and imagining being ballerinas.

  7. Hi Tasha - your sister is obviously very creative - I love the costumes and the way the kids look. Great that she's taken her business on line .. something different is always good to know about ..

    Cheers to you both - Hilary

  8. The emphasis on children, toys, etc. began in Victorian times, I think. Would love a Hilary post on this topic :).

  9. What a wonderful idea! My kids are past this type of birthday party at 14 and almost 17...all they want is pizza, a movie, and some friends to spend the night. However, I have lots of friends with this age kids and will spread the word.
    Thanks for your kind words about my flooding posts. Our town has literally been over-run with donations which is just a beautiful thing to behold. ALL the organizations are saying to donate to Red Cross or Salvation Army or Samaritan's Purse at this point. All three of those organizations, along with the National Guard and FEMA are in town. Staggering.
    Tina @ Life is Good

    1. We donated to the Salvation Army which I understand uses almost 100% of donated money for flood, fire relief. And I always hit those kettles at Christmas. Still not as satisfying as helping directly. Thanks for helping with my sister's business :)