Friday, December 5, 2014

Drugs, the good, the bad and the ugly

Having had a knee replacement 28 days ago, I have had several "A ha"moments since.  I am two people, one who is doing well for the the surgery part, am now at a 120 degree bend, so that is very good.  And the other part, being in drug withdrawal from Tramadol.  I am one of those people who are extremely sensitive to any and all drugs, cannot tolerate any drugs, vertigo, etc. etc.  So, this has made my recovery harder.

Tramadol is horrible for me although it was the only drug I could use at the beginning for pain control.  It is not supposed to be an opiate but they really don't know how it works.

So now it is the problem of the withdrawal which is not fun as you are trying to take less and less and you have to be careful to take it with food.  Vertigo, crying jags, pain, etc.  

But for the aha moment.  I know how important drugs are and how life-saving they can be.  Years ago, I had TB and two new drugs had come on the market, INH and PAS and because I could take them, I was negative within a month, but unfortunately had to have surgery later and still had to spend a year in a sanitarium as the protocol was both old and new.

Think of the anti-malarial drugs and so many others that have saved lives.  But there is a down-side and you have to be careful. I also think about those who have cancer and have to endure the chemotherapy which is so very, very difficult.

So, I am not complaining, but learning every day and many of us are having knee replacements these days, just click on TKR on your IPhone and you will see a great deal of information from everywhere, some is helpful.

The I Phone is a godsend for me.  During the night when things are not going well, there is the You Tube and wonderful music.  I am an opera fan and have been listening to Anna Netrebko and others and the music helps.  But whatever your preference, music is there and it does "soothe the savage beast," in this case, my nemesis, Tramadol.

I am trying to treasure the small moments and know that I will get better eventually.  Reading my favorite blogs also helps, and watching Doc Martin.


  1. Hi Nat - glad you're improving .. but what a nuisance about the Tramadol effect - I am so glad I don't suffer that way. The TB experience sounds frightening ... but something of interest now .. perhaps you'd write about it some time (perhaps you already have ?).

    Good luck with your ongoing recovery .. and listening to some wonderful opera - and yes we have blessings in this day and age ... cheers and take care - Hilary

    1. Thank you Hilary, makes me feel better. And I will get better with encouragement from my friends, like you. I might write about the TB experience, but I don't know if it is that interesting to anyone now.

  2. Hi Natasha. It looks like you are moving in the right direction although sometimes it seems like two steps forward and one step back! I hope you are back to your best asap. I could not get into Doc Martin although I think Martin Clunes is an excellent comedy actor (or were you watching a US remake of this British original?)
    Listening to Mississippi John Hurt singing a lovely, gentle blues called 'I'm Satisfied'
    You can here it here:
    CLICK HERE for Bazza’s fabulous Blog ‘To Discover Ice’

  3. Checking out your selection of the day. I do like blues. My own private DJ, you!

  4. Never heard of Tramadol, certainly neither of us had it for our hips or knee. Hubby had the only knee replacement. For home use we were given Tylenol 3. I do hope things will be back to 100% soon. I might well have to go for my other hip in the not too distant future and I think Matt should have his other knee done but he is reluctant to start the process. Opera is wonderful isn't it? I too never could get into Doc Martin.

  5. I have heard that Tylenol works well but I can't use that either. I have heard that the hip surgery is easier now. They have come up with a new procedure, coming in from the front of the hip. A partial knee is easier but many orthopedic surgeons will not do it. 95% success rate for complete knee and 90% for partial. I am feeling a bit better. Doc Martin is a bit weird but it does pass the time for now.