Tuesday, November 13, 2012

National and International News- - looking for a positive article

My favorite morning activity is reading the newspaper, especially the Wall Street Journal, so much quieter on the ears than watching TV news.  So as I drank my coffee this morning this is what caught my eye:
Dover Press, Clip Art

   "Violence Reaches Israel- Syria Border"
   "FBI in Petraeus Case Under Security"
   "Afghan Women Fear Rights Will Erode"
    "Xi Inherits an Economy That Needs Work"
    "Lenders at Odds Over Greek Debt"
    "Green Party Shakes Up German Politics"
    "Spanish Bank Freeze Foreclosures"
    "Sex, Lies and Gmail"
    "Earth to GOP:  Get a Grip"
    'Turkey's Islamist Turn, 10 Years Later"

But there is good news:  "U.S Redraws World Oil Map"  writing that shale boom here will surpass Saudi Arabia oil production by 2020 and "Looking Past Fiscal Cliff to a Genuine Tax Overhaul."

And in the front section, a book review: Ian McEwan's latest, Sweet Tooth.  It is a spy novel and looks good.  Atonement was excellent.

In the back section:  "New Rules for Flirting," and a music review, Mary Black, an Irish singer and songwriter who just had a successful opening night in New York.  Her new album is "Stories from the Steeples,"  featuring Irish, Australian, and British song writers.

So there it is - - choices.  The U.S. is not the only country to have serious economic problems and scandals.  Look at the trees, not the forest.  Count your blessings, read a good book, flirt a little, buy an album from a artist that is unfamiliar.

Tomorrow, a real pleasure - - the Van Gogh exhibit, which we will see with friends from out of town.  It should give me more positive "trees" to write about.  

Are you a "Forest" or a "Trees" person?


  1. I split the difference: love each tree but try to put things in perspective of the forest. :)

    1. Great way to approach this. It helps to focus on what is really important.

  2. I'm more a "look on the ground for really cool banana slugs while walking in the forest" kind of girl. Is that a metaphor?

    1. Do you step on them and squish them? I actually saw Banana Slugs at California college campus. It is so weird to see those bright yellow spots of color against the Redwood trees.

  3. looking forward to your view of Van Gogh! We hope to go in Jan. w/ our daughter. It should
    be very uplifting and help with a brighter perspective on this planet we find ourselves on. (agree w/ you that reading is a gentler way to take in the events of the world than television!)
    hugs, i

  4. Van Gogh was inspiring - - will be my next post.
    Thank you Kate, Stephanie, and i.

  5. Definitely a trees kind of guy and I'm with you... we need to hear/read/watch more positive news... it *is* out there :)

    1. It's so hard, especially now with all the political scandals, but not just here, in the UK and China.

  6. i think a tree one---i wish i had of seen the van gogh showing when it was in my city!

  7. I think most of us are "trees." Hard to see the big picture. Happy Thanksgiving, Lynn!