Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Orion's Belt, Shooting Stars and the 2012 Election

"The fault Dear Brutus in not in the stars, it is in ourselves."
                                                     --Julius Caesar,  I, ii, 134

I have two sons who reflect our divided country.  My oldest son went to a little college in the southwestern part of the state, the other went to the University of Colorado in Boulder.  The first works in the private sector, the second is a teacher.  They hold opposite political views.  But I love them both dearly, we just do not discuss American politics.  My Republican son and I had a long telephone conversation late last evening.  And I felt better that we could talk.  I hope that they are proud of their mom who at her age still cares enough about our country to go out and work for her political candidate with passion and conviction.

Having a hard time sleeping last night after the election,  I stepped out onto our deck and looked up at the stars which are especially bright at 4 AM and looked for Orion's Belt and there it was - - the one constellation that I can always recognize.  And I saw a shooting star!  I felt at peace, and ready to begin a new day.  


  1. what a lovely post--i have two sons that are so different also--although i am not too sure if they are that different in the political arena---so you can tell from that statement, that i am not very political any longer---there was a day when i was extremely political---and i for sure think your wonderful shooting star was a sign :)

  2. your post moved me very much. As a mother, as a concerned American and a friend.
    I have a special feeling about shooting stars also..... we get to see them so seldom they DO
    seem like signs. They help give us a glimpse of the vastness of this beautiful universe we find ourselves in and some scale of our size in it.

    I hope that we can work to find some common ground, some way of understanding one another better and that our legislators can learn to drop their egos and fear a bit for the good of the nation.

    I am happy that you felt peace after your "star gift" and that you can take that with you
    in the coming years.


    1. Thank you IS. I am thankful for the blessings I do have - - a wonderful family and terrific husband and good friends, like you! And there are positive things I can do in my personal life.