Sunday, May 20, 2012

Moscow Protesters Driven Out Again

From: The Hindu (an Indian Paper)  5/20/12

Police drove out the latest protest group in Moscow using loudspeakers to inform the group that their actions were not legal and there were complaints from local residents.  The early morning raid uprooted any tents, etc. that were erected overnight.  Those who refused to leave were "detained."  Small groups tried to gather in other areas. "City authorities are demonstrating growing impatience with the Occupy-type protests against Vladimir Putin's return as president earlier this month."

But. . .Moscow artists are planning what they call a "Nomadic Museum March" for Saturday.  Artists are planning to push and pull their art through the streets as an affirmation of freedom of speech.  This should be interesting.

And further. . ."authorities are planning to finalize plans to set up a permanent place in Moscow for political gatherings, a Russian version of London's Hyde Park with its speaker's corner."

So, a "special place to have political gatherings."  Hmm, so the participants can be watched and controlled. I wonder how that will work out?

More information on-line.

My friend is back from Russia and said there was no mention of the protests while she was there.  She is writing down her impressions and will share them here.

Meanwhile, I am trying to picture the protest using art.  And what will the art depict?


  1. i would love to see that depiction!

  2. Should be interesting. I will check it out and share the photographs. Paper mache sculpture of Putin? Poetry on huge sheets of paper?

  3. I haven't heard about this. Unrest seems to be sweeping the world. I've heard of protesters being herded to specific protest places in the U.S. so they don't get in the way. Maybe your depiction could draw some analogy to herding cattle.

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  4. So true, Lee, or at least now we have instant access to news. Are you working on your book about your traveling days with your family?