Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Hobbes Goes to Children's Hospital

Hobbes, a stuffed lion puppet, and my alter ego, visited Children's Hospital, here in Denver to help celebrate Dr. Seuss' birthday, Friday, March 2.  Reading Dr. Seuss books to the children who were there, either visiting, or on their way to treatments was fun for Hobbes, especially when some of the children tried to make him talk. The volunteer groups were wonderful, distributing Dr. Seuss books, reading to the children and visiting the kids in the wards.  Craft tables were set up so some of the kids could make Dr. Seuss hats.  Character volunteers, Rapunzel and two beautifully costumed fairies, were also there enchanting the children and posing for pictures.  Hobbes wishes we could post pictures of the kids but because of privacy issues, we cannot. "The Gift of Gracie" is the name of the volunteer organization that sponsored the Friday event.  Hobbes was pleased he was invited and wishes he could have done more.  Teacher organizations, Firefighter Organizations, Therapy Dogs, Kohls Department Store, all contributed their time, as well as the staff of Children's Hospital.

And that was that, said the Cat in the Hat!


  1. I am glad that Hobbes spent such a good day with the children. They must have loved seeing him!