Monday, July 28, 2014

Why I love the UK, Part III

One more thing.  What I noticed about the Brits while living there for three months, was that they do not brag.  Not like Americans who love to tell you all about themselves and their accomplishments (and their children's) within a few minutes of meeting you.  No, the Brits consider it "poor form" to brag, not posh at all. And to me, it was refreshing.  And even the professors at King Alfred's college where I stayed, would just introduce themselves by their first name.  Later, through someone else you might find out more.  

An example of this was a student at Westgate school where I was student teaching.  The senior students at Westgate school were required to write a research paper about some aspect of Winchester history and Winchester overflows with history, everything from very early times to the time when it was the capital of England, to Jane Austin's home to the famous Winchester Cathedral.  They were allowed to leave the campus during school hours to do this.  One student decided to study the hill fort, St. Catherine's Hill, which overlooks the city.

He wrote a paper in which he figured out and measured where the support structures had been.  His paper was later published in a prestigious journal and although I could tell that the teacher who told me this was very proud of the student, this was what he said, "The lad was quite clever."  "Quite clever" was the ultimate compliment. 

Now, the caveat--I understand that with social media, which is all about bragging (sharing), that has changed a bit, with Brits enjoying sharing their travels on Facebook, etc.  So much of this is cultural, and culture does change.
And I do like to hear/read about other's travels and experiences--so to me that is not bragging but sharing information and a way to learn.  So, it's "tell me what you are doing, where you have been, what are you reading?"

Saturday, July 5, 2014

Water Ski with the Dolphins: a break from blogging

Do you think about blog topics you could write about while going about your daily routine?  I thought I would give you a break with this You Tube video of California and water skiing with dolphins--what an experience!