Thursday, June 7, 2012

India:  Favorite movies continued: Outsourced
Movie, not TV Show

"Outsourced"  one of my favorite movies, perfect for summer viewing, lighthearted, inspiring, and leaves you with some things to think about, especially our perception of other countries.  The summary on You Tube gives you an idea.  Rent this one or borrow from your local library.  
I think the TV version  removed the charm of the original movie and made fun of the Indian characters in the TV series in unflattering ways.  Why, when the movie was so good?

If you have seen it, I would be interested in reading your comments.  Or any movies for summer viewing you would recommend?


  1. i will be looking for this one--thanks!

  2. I LOVE this movie! One of my all-time favorites. My son who was in the Peace Corps in Nepal said it brought back many memories for him (some of the interactions and phrasing). I never saw the TV series - just as well, I guess.
    PS - I saw this movie on sale at Target yesterday for $13. But I already have it.

  3. I'd forgotten about this film--I wanted to watch this. I am so annoyed by outsourcing, but those people need jobs too. It's funny how when movies are made into TV shows they are often botched, and when TV shows are made into movies the same thing happens.

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    1. Outsourcing--a great topic. What to do? I have no idea--better service here, somehow joining the two, connecting both, the outsourced location and the "parent" company, combining the strengths of each? Sweet movie, though.

  4. I don't believe I have seen this. I'll add it to my list.


    1. Me too - sounds good.
      I want to see "Whistleblower" with Rachel Weiz, although it's a bit heavy I think.
      Luckily, being in Athens, Greece I get the opportunity to go to out ourdoor cinemas in the summer - it's great! Am off to see "Quay Largo" tonight, can't wait!
      Read about Athens Outdoor Summer Cinames here:


    2. Watching a movie outdoors in Greece? What could be better? I will check out the web-site. Thanks for the connection.