Monday, July 30, 2012

Summer Olympics, 2012.

Have you been watching the Olympics?  I have, but just bits and pieces.  I am always impressed.  When I watch I try to imagine how many years and hours of practice it took to be able to participate in London, now, in this particular time and space.  Seeing the best from all the countries of the world, some names of which I am not sure of the correct pronunciation, is a pleasure and I find myself rooting for someone I do not know, who is perhaps not a sure medal winner, but is so determined that I will for him or her to win over all the miles and ocean between us. 

There is so much drama of course: the faces of those who did not quite make it in the qualifying events; the ritual hugs; hand shakes; tears of joy and tears of disappointment; the expressions of the coaches; glimpses of parents and friends who have come to watch; all make these days unique.

I was not athletic in school.  It was the days before women were encouraged to participate in sports.  We all hated gym and had to wear ugly one-piece gym outfits.  But, I wish I could have excelled in some sport, like swimming, which I like very much.  Watching the Olympics, I have a dream sport I would like to try.  Fencing!  Yes, Fencing.  One of my grandsons is attending Fencing camp this week and after dropping him off at the Fencing Academy and seeing the gym and all the equipment, I thought, I could do that, (I think).  Perhaps I could sign up for a few private lessons; so much more fun than Weight Watchers.

What sport would you like to try?  A dream sport, one that is too expensive or may be too late to try now but is fun to imagine doing, or something you could do?


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  3. i wish i could say i would participate but i don't have too much interest in sports in general unless one of my kids or grand-kids is playing---back in the day i did enjoy tennis quite a bit :)

  4. My husband and I are addicted to the Olympics. All that heartfelt passion and effort. I want everyone to win.
    Your fencing thing is cool. Archery might be neat - apparently it's super popular now after Hunger Games. I was not and am not athletic - gee, a writer word nerd, imagine that. Nonetheless, I can root and admire and dream.

    Neat post

    1. Thanks, Joanne. I agree, I want everyone to win too.
      Writers need readers and athletes need audiences.