Friday, July 26, 2013

Passion. What is Your Passion?

I thought about the word "Passion" and what it means a few weeks ago when we were in Park City, Utah.  Our hosts took us to a summer training area for Olympic ski jumpers.  We watched the jumpers ski down specially designed ramps which launched them high in the air, allowing them the room to twist and turn flips on their way down to finish into a bubbling swimming pool, the bubbles providing a target.  I thought about the passion and single-minded dedication it takes to practice their passion -- trying to qualify for the Winter Olympics.

"Fervor, enthusiasm, zeal, ardor" are synonyms.  And of course, there is a dark side to passion, the passion that is used for evil deeds.  

A friend from long ago talked about passion and how she regretted never having an intense passion like her granddaughter who lives and breathes ballet.  She speculated what that would be like.  Of course, there are sacrifices to make in order to be single-minded about these passions, whether they are in the arts, in sports, in politics, writing and more.  But I don't think that most of us have that single mindedness.  I don't.  Years ago I took some kind of test and what it showed was that because I had too many interests, I would not ever have that kind of passion, although I greatly admire those who do.

I am including a video we took of these amazing young men, and perhaps women, but I could not tell due to the padded outfits they were wearing.


  1. Lucky for people who can synchronize their passion with their career!

    I'd say my passion is reading and writing (I know, very cliche!)

  2. Thinking about passion, I think fore some it is something that ignites something within you. I also think you can have "fallow" years creatively, and then something happens to ignite that passion spark. Reading and Writing is not cliche but where we get our ideas I believe.

  3. Lucky you, to have figured out a way. My passion is also reading and writing. Cliche for a reason I guess, Ghadeer. :D

  4. Ideas are everywhere and everything begins with an idea such as, "I think I will. . . ."

  5. Hi Tasha .. I think I agree with your thoughts .. I've too many interests and I was never that good at anything .. even if I'd worked at it ...

    But passion for the small things - yes ... passion for the future ..

    Cheers Hilary