Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Dreams and . . . .

I came across this bit of writing I did a while ago and it seemed to fit my mood today.  I am thinking about my project and getting excited as the steps go forward.

Even Toads Can Dream

Behold the Green Toad
with his rhinestone crown,

Flicking his long red tongue at

every passing gnat,

while dreaming of long-limbed princesses 

with blond hair and luscious red lips.

Who is to say what dreams are out of reach

either by bony fingers or even green-webbed ones?


  1. Love it. Hope he gets his kiss.

    1. Thanks Jo, I think he will. That's why we usually close our eyes when we kiss :)

  2. This is just amazing! My favourite line is the last one.

  3. Thank you Ghadeer: funny how sometimes our writing comes from nowhere, it seems.

  4. Hi Tasha .. nobbly toad - he looks pretty healthy though! And he makes a good post ... and none of our dreams are out of reach ... good luck with those goals ... cheers Hilary