Tuesday, January 28, 2014

The Denver Broncos are in the Super Bowl

Denver, Colorado is awash in Orange and Blue, the Bronco football team's official colors.  Not having been to the Super Bowl for twelve years, the opportunity is even sweeter.  Our hometown news paper, "The Denver Post," has daily articles about various players, strategies, the weather, etc.  And even for a non-football person like I am, remembering the old days watching the Broncos in sub-zero weather, taking every advantage to rush into the ladies room to get warm, I am enjoying learning more about the game, which will be on Sunday, February 2, in Jersey City, New Jersey, playing against the Seattle SeaHawks.  We will be watching from the comfort of our home here in Colorado.

My alter-ego, Hobbes and his new friend, Celeste, are getting ready for Sunday.  Hobbes is trying to explain the "no huddle offense" to Celeste, who being an African elephant, and only familiar with soccer, wants to know all the details.  GO BRONCOS!  


  1. Hi Tasha .. that weekend that passes me by here in the UK - but which you Americans get totally involved with ... but I've learnt something - I didn't know it was being played in New Jersey .. and I didn't know who the teams were ... so go: Denver Broncos .. thrash those Sea-Hawk Seattlers! Enjoy the game and all the paraphernalia of watching a once a year final ...

    Hobbes and Celeste look ready to go .. at least Celeste won't forget the teams and scores for many a year ahead!!

    Happy weekend .. Hilary

  2. Thank you for being so understanding of American Football, Hilary.