Sunday, May 11, 2014

A Happy, but Snowy Mothers' Day from Colorado

Happy Mothers' Day to all of you.  I will write a Mothers' Day post tomorrow because today, we are experiencing a snow storm here in Colorado!  Yes a snowstorm, 12 inches predicted here.  My husband who in my posts will be known as "RJ,"  just helped me cover all our just-ready-to-bloom iris's, in hopes that they will survive.  We used upside down plastic storage containers after being told that plastic storage bags were not good.  So, our back yard looks like a storage train of lumpy large storage boxes.  Today our attention is focused on the storm, protecting the trees and plants.

Here in Colorado you know that you never plant anything before Mothers' Day and the best time is around Memorial Day which is the end of May here in the United States.

My sister and I had a very special mother and I want to write a more thoughtful blog in her memory.

Add a snowstorm to this picture and it will look about right.


  1. Heard on the news about your snow. Glad it wasn't us although sorry for you guys. Happy Mother's Snow Day.

  2. Thanks, Jo. But looking at the weather pattern over the US, I am glad I am not worrying about the tornadoes. I hope the Iris survive--they looked so good, just ready to bloom. I am not planting the table garden until the end of May. Have a good bowling week!

  3. Here are some warm wishes to warm you guys up.

    Snow is OK if it is not on a day I drive LOL

  4. Still snowing and very cold here, Monday. Time to shake the tree branches and hope that none are broken. But by next week-end we will have Spring weather again.

  5. Hope the snow stops soon! You deserve a nice spring (summer will be here soon). Love the painting!

  6. The snow sculpture in the picture looks so beautiful - your mum was obviously very talented. In England, the thing here is to protect plants from bad frosts or snow is to cover them in fleece so sometimes our gardens can look like they are made of candy floss (cotton candy - I think you call it)!! Is the painting one of yours?

    1. Fleece--looks better than the plastic boxes and beach towels we used. But finally, the weather is warm and we will have the "unveiling." No, the painting isn't, but it was in my file and I have no idea where it is from. So your gardens when you are protecting them look like little sheep--I love the picture.

  7. Hi Nat - oh dear .. I saw someone else's snow - and it looked 'a healthy dose' .. not nice at all .. but glad you got the irises covered up ... hope they survive and flourish when you release them ...

    Take care - cheers Hilary

  8. Thanks Hilary, It's all good now. The unveiling comes tomorrow, one more night of freezing temps, then it will be OK.