Friday, January 9, 2015

Viva La France, always

We begin the New Year with a horrific attack on a magazine's editorial office in France.  It left twelve journalists and two police officer's dead.  The Eiffel Tower was in darkness for five minutes in a memorial tribute to the fallen.  And this was not the only terrorist attack.  Over the past year there have been many all over the world.

The problems are huge, and as in the 9/11 attack in New York, this brings the war, and it is a war, closer to home, in this case, Paris.

I have always loved the idea of Paris, even though I have only visited the city and country, three times over the past years.  But when I think about Paris, I see a beautiful city with so much history, history of bad times and good times.  The bloody French Revolution, the occupation of France during World War II, hard times after the war and so many governments, but still she emerged somehow stronger.

This is a task of monumental proportions.  Courage and clarity will be needed in the difficult times ahead for all of us.


  1. Hi Natasha. This evenings news had made the situation even worse I'm afraid. Paris is lovely city and I love to visit although I have been no more times than you but I do go to France and Belgium a lot (even for a day trip sometimes).
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  2. These Islamic murderers have now gone to meet their 21 virgins in 'Paradise' and have their wish to be 'martyrs' - which they are NOT. Except to similar Muslim murderers of course. I'd call these killers the dogs of war but that would be unfair to dogs, who are much nobler than these sub-human fanatics.

  3. Hi Nat - I'm glad you wrote about these terror attacks. So sad for the families, those who were injured, and those who were involved ... it's a dreadful time. Words can't really express things.

    Life has changed and will not be easy any more ... Despicable events ... I'm learning a lot from the commentary by journalists, politicians, commentators, philosophers, thinkers, their friends etc ... not a good way to learn - but good to know more, so my understanding can be slightly increased. Hilary

  4. Mine too, Hilary. Very hard to understand killing in cold blood. And you are right there are no words. Thanks for stopping by.

  5. The gulf between the thinking of terrorists and the rest of us is so enormous. I believe attacks like these will continue because you can't reach these people, you cannot reason with them. My heart goes out to the people of France. I missed the Eiffel Tower going dark on TV, thanks for sharing it here.

  6. The French will handle it. I worked with them in Beirut in 82 and 83. The paras and the legion are top flight. The French government has courage. The Islamic militants will be sorry they messed with the French.

    1. Thanks, Harry. I think so. But reaction has to be immediate, not discussing it for months and months. Example: The Ukraine and the U.S. A good example is Jordan.