Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Hello Peyton Manning; Good by Tim Tebow.

Peyton Manning has signed with the Denver Broncos.  The photo says it all.  Good by to Tebow mania, good by to all that.  Thanks for reviving the Broncos last season with some incredible plays, but not enough to stop the hunt for another quarterback.

Jason Gay, in his article in the Wall Street Journal a few days ago wrote:  "If Tebow is shoved out of a franchise he revived, I can't wait for the day he comes back and plays the Broncos.  I want to see 6-of 22 passing for 78 yards.  I want to see passes that wobble like Zip-Loc bags full of soup.  But I also want to see a last-minute drive win it.  I'll be pulling for Tebow to exact a Tebow-like revenge.  And I know what you did last autumn.  Don't pretend to be so tough.  You'll be pulling for Tebow too."   Yes!

Did Vince Lombardi say, "Winning isn't everything.  It's the only thing."?

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  1. Well, San Francisco lost him to Denver. I guess next season will tell whether I should congratulate you - or offer condolences. Hope he can stay healthy.