Thursday, March 15, 2012

Peyton Manning or. . .what do I do with my billions?

Here in Denver, it has been an interesting week as the Denver Broncos try hard to woo Peyton Manning to the Bronco fold.  Peyton Manning is the star of football’s free agent week as several teams around the country vie for his quarterback services and star talent.  Denver desperately wants to win a Super Bowl title which the team hasn’t since the John Elway days.  Now, John Elway, an executive VP of the Broncos, is the Svengali who is pursuing Manning with owner Pat Bowlen’s blessing, trampling Tim Tebow in the dirt.

As a “lover of words,” but not a lover of football, just ask my ex-husband, I have been reading the Denver Post sports pages and avidly following their excellent sports writers, Mark Kiszla and Woody Paige.  Apparently the latest suitor is the Tennessee Titans whose owner has deep, deep, pockets.  The pull of past history (Manning played for the Big Orange) and being adored by the people of Tennessee, as Kiszla says, “to this day, you can enter houses in the State, where a room will have more photos of Peyton than their own children, and the fact that his wife is from Tennessee, will perhaps influence him to choose Tennessee.  Kiszla further says, “If you don’t think that will be a factor in his decision, you have not been married.”

What to do with millions to a billion or two, if you are a member of the male sex?  More houses in Aspen? nah; island (Johnny Depp); planes (already have them); vineyards; golf courses; TV stations; no no and no.  But a sports franchise YES! A live chess game you can have all to yourself.   Even Russian billionaires have dabbled in the sports franchise market–Mikhail Prokhorov who bought the New York Mets is part of the club.

Although there have been a few women who enter this heady world, most are men.  It’s interesting to note that Oprah Winfry, who could certainly buy a franchise, opened a school for girls in South Africa instead.


  1. I'm not in Denver, but close enough: Longmont. I don't want Peyton Manning. He's been our nemesis for so long, I just don't see it working out for us.
    I'm a medical mess, have had 15 surgeries, and was facing hip replacement (at age 46) until I found Feldenkrais Method. I highly recommend getting some treatment from a practitioner. It has literally changed my life so much. You might as well try the shoes, they're 100% guaranteed, so you've got nothing to lose!
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  2. Tina, I have yet to try the barefoot shoes you talked about on your blog, but I am willing to try anything. I have had a knee replacement and I understand what you are talking about. Pain gets in your way for having fun, enjoying life. Feldenkrais is an idea I had not thought of. Notice that in your honor, I have posted a photo of Stockholm. Still figuring out how exactly to write the A-Z challenge. No worries, I don't think that PM will sign here, but how does TT feel?

  3. Looks like San Francisco wants him too. Hmmmmm.....

  4. I can't comment intelligently on this, and the post above wouldn't let me comment for reasons unknown. I thought your 33-worder was brilliant.

    Amazed at the number of yachts (you call them sailboats?) in that picture. We used to have something like that in a National Regatta, but simply don't see anything like it any more.

    1. Thank you for your comment. I don't think I have the Trifecta touch, though. It is a beautiful picture of the Stockholm harbor, don't know the date.

    2. Another comment for colonist. I hate it when I want to comment on someones blog and I can't for whatever reason, so thanks for coming over to this side. Are you in for the A-Z challenge?