Friday, August 24, 2012

Blogs and Blues

Topics I cannot write about:  

I have entered the late summer doldrums and have run out of ideas, plus experiencing a touch of the blues.  I have one of these weird personalities--too sensitive which goes along with reflexes that react too strongly to everything.  Cannot pump gas from a gas pump without jumping when the handle clicks off.  Cannot open a biscuit can without flinching when it pops.  Cannot watch a scary movie without closing my eyes, or if at home, leaving the room.  So, when it comes to writing a topic on my blog, I self-censor many of them because I do not want to hurt any ones' feelings.  For example:

Topics I cannot write about:

1.  politics (too many friends are liberal/progressive)

2.  feminism (women do not "have each others' back") --  women who think nothing of having an affair with your husband;  feminism and the whole sisterhood thing is superficial.  The blog I will never write "What ever happened to sisterhood?"

3.  getting older and aches and pains and ageism (I do miss the "second look")

4.  my family, too personal

5.  face lifts and the whole beauty thing (might write about this)

6.  losing my faith and why

7.  missing, missing, missing the relatives and friends I have lost

It helped to write this list.  Are there topics you avoid writing about in your blogs?


  1. I avoid politics & religion because people are too passionate which makes them sadly not logical about the subjects.

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  3. I agree, Kate,people are too passionate about these two subjects and I don't want to lose friends (although I am so sure my opinions are the correct ones about politics :)

  4. You need to get a grip girl! But I can understand some of those topics. Mostly I avoid directly stating my politics or anything about my religious beliefs on my main blog just for professional reasons. Family stuff it depends--I have written about some of it, but there are other things about my family I do avoid. I do push myself to write no matter what. I can always come up with something just as though it were an assignment in school and I needed the grade.

    Wrote By Rote

  5. The sensitive part, Lee? But it is true. Perhaps I should have been a tennis player because my reflexes are so good.
    You are right about writing and pushing oneself to write no matter what. Or perhaps it is just my maudlin Russian personality as one of my bosses said. But just writing this blog made me feel better, if that makes sense at all. Thanks for your comments, as always.

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  7. awww i am sorry you have been down lately---yes i avoid many subjects too---i hope today finds you feeling better <3

  8. Thanks, Robyn. I do feel better and will write a post about what I did to lift my spirits.

    1. sorry, that was me---i was accidentally logged into my daughter's account :)

  9. I can so relate to the way you describe yourself- I'm "jumpy" many times too, and yes, there are many topics I avoid on my blog.

  10. It's tempting, though, to take a chance on a topic.