Sunday, September 9, 2012

Blog Critique and Makeover

Yes, it's Fall and time for new beginnings.  I needed advice about how to improve my blog and found a  Laura is a marketing consultant and author.  She offers advice on layout and general comments about ones blog by posting your blog on her blog and asking for others to add to the critique of your blog.  I emailed her a few weeks ago and she was kind enough to add me to her list.

Since I am not writing a book, I just needed help in improving my blog itself.  And I learned so much from  her and those of you who took time to comment.

This will take time.  Over the next few weeks you make see tweeks here  and there.

First there is the layout.  I am such a non-geek when it comes to the techy stuff, but will learn how to delve into the "advanced" google layout.  Everyone liked my header photo, but said it was too large, there was other advice as well.

1.  Improve layout.

2.  Re-do profile to say more

3.  Too many topics - - theme, if there is one, is not clear

4.  Be careful about intellectual property

5.  This is my idea:  visit other blogs to study layout, this would help.

I would welcome more comments, about your own blogs as well.  Thank you especially to Laura.

Here in Colorado Fall is in the air, chilly mornings and evenings, trees are changing color, my favorite time of the year.  A perfect time to re-think my blog and the thought of starting over: like a new semester in school, new books, new teachers, new crayons  (in elementary school), improved blog.


  1. Change is good! Love the banner. Looks like an Alaskan Cruise. And yes, visit other blogs is helpful. Maybe add a second column to recommend other bloggers books and upcoming Blogfests.

    1. Thanks, Stephen. OK, made the picture smaller then could not find the font fix for the title. Trial and error. Great idea for using the space on the sides. I am an encourager, should have been an agent. I am always pleased to recommend books, great writing, great people, like you!

  2. I'm often tinkering with my layout - searching for ways to make it more appealing and yet easy to navigate.
    Blog design is such a personal thing but I do encourage looking at what you enjoy and like about sites you visit and incorporating similar things into yours.

    Have fun...I even set up a Test Blog just to play with design and layout before I made them public.

    Enjoy the journey!

    1. Great idea, Jenny. I'll have to try that. Now I am just trying to think of topics which stir around in my mind when I am trying to sleep. I did write a political post which earlier I said I would never do. But the process is challenging.