Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Rally for Romney in Colorado

Last Sunday, September 23rd, My husband and I attended a rally for Romney/Ryan in Jefferson County.  Colorado has 9 electoral votes which could go either way, so both Romney and President Obama are paying special attention to this state.

We arrived a little early, but not early enough and were surprised at the crowds that were gathering, more than we expected, as we walked quite a way to the school grounds where the event was held.  Later the crowd was estimated at more than 6, 000.

The mood was happy and positive.  Young people, old people, little kids, babies, were there.  Some signs read, "Hispanics for Romney, "  "Democrats for Romney." and of course, "Romney for President."  No negative signs or impolite written comments.  People were helpful, kind and friendly.  American flags were everywhere.

The mood intensified as we waited for Romney to appear.  First,  a few films, then a country and western group revved up the crowd and then. . . . there he was, just a few hundred feet away, wearing the white shirt and jeans that seem to be his standard rally gear.  He was passionate about jobs and the need for creating more of course, and the need to stem the tide of enormous debt we have, 16 trillion dollars, and that America still has great days before it, but we need to get our fiscal house in order.  We need to increase our military not decrease it, all that we had heard before.  But on that chilly October night, I felt a connection to all the people there.  We are still proud of our country and will work hard if given the opportunity.  We don't want handouts.  We are still the best hope.

For one way to help visualize numbers, my engineer husband likes to relate it to time, since we all deal with time, all the time.

     One thousand seconds is about 17 minutes.
     One million seconds is about 12 days.
     One billion seconds is about 32 years.
     and one trillion seconds is --  are you ready? -- 32 thousand years.

Our debt is 16 trillion dollars.

Note:  The Denver Post's headlines the next day:  "Romney rolls out his sales pitch."  Would they say that about President Obama?  A bit condescending?