Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Fashion vs Politics

On my last blog, I posted a short story concerning Hobbes, my alter ego, and I working in the Romney  campaign, here in Castle Rock.  Not much of a  response, at least in the comments,  but as all of  you know who have blogs, there is a "stat" counter which tells the blogger how many views and comments.  The only thing that keeps me writing is the "views" counter, which shows me some people do read the blog, all over the world.  But fashion seems to win over politics:  H and M blog, 50 views; Romney blog, 9 views.

I am saddened that more of us don't discuss politics, underline "discuss." I have this fantasy of myself, younger of course, sitting in some cafe in lets say, Paris, wearing a beautifully cut suit, arguing politics, American and  French, in impeccable French.  What fun to have a real discussion, not just the hardened views on either side.

I do understand people's reluctance to be public about anything in this age of anything goes. So, thank you to all of you who just "view."  


  1. Problem is: Those of us who don't live in America are not interested in that country's politics. It's not a universal subject. Petrhaps we should discuss the rights and wrongs of certain policies, which would affect everyone. You carry on though. Your views are important.

  2. Thanks, Francene: Of course, you are right, but I also like to read about the UK's politics and other countries as well. Just like your own elections which are important to you as they do impact on your life. What I admire about the UK is the short time allowed for political campaigns. This is what we need here. But aside from that, we have much to learn from each other. And that is not the only thing I admire about the British, but that is for another blog. I just wanted some dialogue from other Americans.