Sunday, October 7, 2012

Hobbes and I Work on the Romney Campaign

Hobbes pausing between  calls to voters

Last Saturday, Hobbes and I worked the phone banks for the Romney campaign.  Hobbes is a stuffed lion puppet, my alter ego, who has his own website.  He wanted to write my blog today to describe his experience.

Hobbes:  Tasha, is very passionate and concerned about the election, so she decided  to volunteer last Saturday to call voters from the Romney headquarters in Castle Rock, Colorado. "I have to do something, Hobbes." She was a bit disappointed because she was not able to talk to many voters directly. Often she  reached an answering machine and then left a pre-recorded message. Tasha says that because of the caller ID feature, most people screen their calls.  But Tasha says volunteering made her appreciate those who do call her at home,  and from now on, she will answer those calls.  It just takes a few minutes, and it is a way of saying thank you to those who do volunteer to work for this election, for either party.  I was not allowed to do the calling, but I would have enjoyed answering the the phone with, "Hi, my name is Hobbes, the friendly lion and I am calling about the election with a few questions for you. . ."  click.

Tasha has never worked an election before, telling me she was rather cavalier about past elections.  (Yes, she did vote for Democrats in the past), but this one is different, she feels.  There is so much at stake.  It is so much easier being a lion, I have to admit.  There were many volunteers, all ages and one even gave me a chocolate chip cookie, my favorite.

After working for three hours, it was time to go home.  It was a chilly fall day as we stepped outside Romney headquarters, and I think Tasha did feel better -- she did something.


  1. Me too. When my grandson who has autism was little, Hobbes was the only one he would "talk" with. I think puppets would be amazing in autism therapy.