Monday, December 16, 2013

Bless the Beasts and the Children

Bless the beasts and the children.  A good thing to keep in mind this December.  Animals and children, both innocent and helpless are dependent on us.  This is the time to make a magic time for children, not so much to buy them expensive gifts, but to give them a gift of your time, which is what they will remember long after the electronics get broken or lost.

This year we are following a tradition we began two years ago, and that is to give our children and grandchildren a gift of a special event, a play, a ballet or?  Last year one family went to see a fabulous "Nutcracker" ballet, the other family went to see the amazing play, "Warhorse,"  modeled after the movie.  Warhorse used giant puppets made of pieces of wood, modeled after real horses, but they only showed the "bones" to allow a person inside to manipulate the puppet.  Both families enjoyed the events.  We received crayon drawings, beautifully and carefully done of the Nutcracker ballet as a thank you and photos taken in the lobby during the intermission of Warhorse.

Animals all over the world are at our mercy, especially those in Africa and especially Elephants which are killed for their ivory.  My sister visited Kenya this past year and adopted a baby elephant from The David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust:  Nairobi, Kenya.  Once you are on their website, you can see films and stories about their rescue missions.  There are stories there about the baby elephants that are orphaned because their mothers were killed.  The Trust's mission is to care for these babies until they are three years old or so and then they are carefully returned to the wild.  Of course, many adopt each one, but the amount of food, veterinary care and care that is needed can support many parental adoptions.

There is much need in so many parts of the world and most of us are not in the position to give large amounts of money, but a small donation to the many qualified and deserving causes both human and animal can help. 

The Denver Post, November 2013.


  1. Thanks for this post! Yes, I worry about the elephants. If the poaching isn't stopped, there will be little wildlife left in Africa to take our grandchildren to see. This organization in Nairobi is dedicated to helping the orphaned elephants. I applaud their efforts! And hopefully through education, the appeal of ivory objects throughout the world will diminish.

  2. Hi Tasha .. I just worry now - so much humanity being destroyed, let alone animals and then their hinterland that they need to thrive. If only we could all live in peace and harmony and appreciate every living thing ...

    Most definitely bless the beasts and children ... Hilary

    1. Thank you, Hilary and CQ. If only. . . .well said.