Saturday, April 7, 2012

G is for Good bye
(continued from previous post, "F" is for France)

Good bye,  Au Revoir.  Good by's are always difficult, especially with American girls.  C'est la vie.
She was so sweet, but oh so dependent and demanding,
not like French women. .  . 

French women  understand that it's all a game,  a game of the enjoyment of the opposite sex with no promises.

She did love Paris and it was wonderful for a while for me to see my city with new eyes, to listen 
to her collection of old French records, especially Edith Piaf.

But she wanted me to leave Natalia, my wife, imagine.  I used the same old excuse, moving to Provence, but of course, I'm not going anywhere.  I hope she doesn't cause a scene, but I was careful with my personal information.  Why does it have to be so dramatic with women?

I must change my cell phone number immediately.  I'm getting that headache again.

Thank you to Stephanie from Clay Baboons   who suggested I might switch the story to the man's point of view.  Visit her blog.  She uses clay figures to illustrate her stories which makes her blog very unique.


  1. men are-----am enjoying your posts so much!

  2. I had another suggestion: write a little story from the wife's point-of-view. Thinking about it, I could really go on and on: the waiter, the shopkeeper, the landlady, etc. Thank you for your comment.

  3. Gotta get back to Paris. Great city!

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    1. I will visit them all, thank you! A little break for Easter, and now back to be a better "visitor."

  4. Great response to yesterday's post! Yes - still many more points of view!

  5. It's always fun to change points of view. He sounds like a good character...not a good guy, but a good character. Nicely written!

  6. Thanks, Michael, as I remember, you are a new dad and a serious writer. As I read some of the blogs in the challenge, I can see that I am a mere dabbler in writing, but a I am a great appreciator of good writing, and all good writers, need good readers like me.

  7. Culture wars... US v France, always heartbreaking.