Monday, April 15, 2013

M is for Monaco and the Grand Prix. An Aussie wins the Masters!

Geo Ham (1900-1972)  Dover Press
This poster was created by Geo Ham in 1933 to illustrate the 5th annual Formula 1 race in Monaco, April 23.

Mr. Ham was known as the pr-eminent automobile artists of all time and he himself competed in the Le Mans race in 1934 which helped him to convey the excitement and spirit of the races which he illustrated.

This year the race will begin in Monaco on the 23rd of May.  This course is known as the slowest and the hardest of the World Formula 1 Championships because of the narrowness of the streets.  The Grand Prix is one of the three famous Formula 1 courses, which include the Indianapolis 500 and the 24 hour Le Mans in France.

Thinking of going this year?  Are you arriving by yacht, or staying at the Winston Churchill Hotel at 12,000 euros and up?  Of course you can stay with relatives in Monaco and  just find a place somewhere along the route, but you won't be able to meet the various drivers and party with them.  Check out the Monaco Grand Prix on the web sites for hotels and tickets.

The Monaco Grand Prix consists of 78 laps, each 2.075 miles long.
Monte Carlo Formula 1 track map.svg

 Thank you to Wikipedia for the map and general information.

 For another sport, Golf--Congratulations to the first Aussie, Adam Scott, for winning the Master's Golf Tournament today, Sunday, April 14th.)


  1. never gone always wanted to

    The posters of Geo Ham's art bring back memories of my dad's shop

    Lady's Knight

  2. I've never been a racing fan, but going to Manaco, I wouldn't complain. I'd take a yacht.

  3. "The Rich are different than you and me." :) Thanks for stopping by.

  4. Arriving by yacht--I can only dream.
    From a to z

  5. I know. It does seem "other worldly."