Wednesday, April 24, 2013

U is for Umbria, a Perfect Vacation Location

Simonetti, 1927  Dover Press
Ah the ubiquitous "U," just had to use the word although ubiquitous does not fit, meaning "being everywhere."  U's are not everywhere.  Today I chose the only poster in the collection that had a U in the title.  Umbria is a region in Italy, another one unknown to me until now.  

Spleto, or in Latin, Spoletium, is an ancient city in east central Umbria, below the Apennines mountains.  But consider this:  what about taking a trip to Italy, but instead of staying in the expensive major cities, stay in a 16th C. Convent, that sleeps 7, is a suburb location, not far from Rome, and only 64-74 Euros a night?

Notice the Roman Aqueduct in the poster,c. 1927.  Those Italians understood tourism.  If you click on the link, and then "16thc Ex Convent," it should show you this rental and others. 

16c Ex Convent, Huge Arched Windows, Views, Garden, Private Terraces - La Passionata.


  1. I love Italy,not been to Umbria yet but it looks fab.

  2. Soleto, Umbria -- who knew? But here in the US, Italy seems so far away and we are not as familiar with Europe as you Brits are. Thanks, Tracy, Rowena, and Nick.

  3. one of my favorites of your posters!

  4. Thanks, Lynn. Tomorrow's poster is difficult.

  5. Umbria sounds nice. I love your pic of the Alaska Inside Passage. Was that another trip?

    Mary from

  6. Thanks, Mary. We did visit Alaska on a short cruise. It is a beautiful country (in the summer). Everything is larger than life, the glaciers,all the scenery. We never saw the sun the whole two weeks, but we didn't mind.

  7. Another plug for vrbo. We use it and sister site Home Away a lot and have never had a bad experience with any of the properties we've rented: London, Edinburgh, Dublin, Austin, San Francisco, Santa Barbara, Denver.
    Before so many rentals came online, we used some service or other (can't remember) to rent a charming stone cottage on an olive farm north of Spoleto. We took day trips all over Umbria. Spoleto has colorful hilly streets, cafes, and a beautiful church.
    Bonus for me at the farm---momma cat and a littler of kittens that visited us.