Monday, April 22, 2013

S is for Scotland. The Midland Railway and Tartans.

Printed in 1904 by the artist Andrew Murray, this Scottish gentleman  is hitch hiking his way figuratively to Scotland using the Midland Railway.  This railway was nationalized in 1947 and went thorough many changes due to its nationalization.

It must have been quite a train ride though, through some beautiful country.  It still is in use today with some modifications.

Midland Railway has much history reflecting ownership, changes, economics and train travel in general.  For more information  check

This is one country I have visited a few years ago.  I found the people friendly, the food good, but very hot, and the historical places made real my earlier knowledge of Scotland.

My oldest son's name is Bruce, so I was looking for a Tartan with that name and I did find it and brought back a tie for him with the design.  Its main color was quite orange and I am not sure he ever wore it.  The tartans are lovely though, and knowing their history makes them even more interesting.  And, Bruce has red hair tracing back to some Viking genes, I think. In England, they call red hair "ginger hair."  I am very partial to red heads, both boys and girls, men and women.  In the US, it tends to single you out, as in "the little red-haired boy did that."  

Bruce Tartan, Ancient   
Any knowledge of the Midland Railway or Tartans?

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  1. I know very little about tartan except I love the dark green and navy ones. Technically, we could look for a Smith tartan as my husband has distant Scottish ancestry.